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Façades & Vitrines

New book

Stephan Vanfleteren has been photographing decrepit façades and forgotten vitrines throughout Belgium for the past decade. This has become a melancholy portrait of vanishing small shops, closed village pubs, abandoned brothels and boarded-up façades.

Façades & Vitrines

Façades & Vitrines is about the beauty of a lowered shutter, a bricked-up door, a peeling mural and a tightly drawn curtain in a window. It is a photographic documentation on the irrevocable loss of the local tradepeople in an ever faster moving world.

The 666 numbered books, bound in lead with embossed title and edition number, are part of an artistic installation that will be exhibited in the Budafabriek in Kortrijk from 9 March.

With an introductory text by Stephan Vanfleteren and a collection of observations by the writer and journalist, Jan Hertoghs.